I bought a pair of Rural King Brand jeans. I thought the jeans had very good appearance, the pockets were a little too straight up and down but I could live with it.

The price was normally $9.99 and I believe I bought them on sale for $8.99. I walked out of the store thinking I had a very good deal. I won't lie. I did get some use out of the jeans.

I wish I had kept the receipt. The only way I can measure the quality of these jeans is that I put this jean in the rotation of my other work jeans I had been wearing. One day after a couple of months of wear the Rural King jean showed it had worn thin by the crotch and top side of pockets. A day later the crotch busted out.

The jean showed very little signs of fading. The other jeans which were older when I threw the rural king brand jean into the mix were still okay. Now, I know, that I am not talking about a premium jean here but the other jeans I was referring to are Faded Glory sold at Walmart. Faded Glory is a cheap jean also and they made the Rural King brand look bad.

I am not trying to say Walmart is better than Rural King. I am very glad the store has come into my community.

I am just saying that this product is not worth the $8.99 that I paid for it.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Have bought 3 pair of these jeans, the two I have worn both only lasted two wears and they ripped wide open at the right rear pocket


I agree they don't hold up as well as my other jeans, but... it's an $8 pair of jeans, if I wear it once and put it in the washing machine and they don't fall apart, even if they split the next time I wear them, I call that a win.

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