Greenville, Kentucky
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I currently work at a Rural King. There's so much discrimination going on, it's ridiculous.

We have an assistant manager who is consistently late, every day and nothing is ever done to him. We also had an individual start a few months back. Well 3 weeks into his employment, he was magically made employee of the month! Our store manager has his favorites and bends the rules to however it works best.

RK has always been a dirty company but it's ridiculous now. Corporate won't do anything and our regional manager is, for lack of better terms, a complete ***. We've also had an assistant manager use a derogatory racial term, in front of an African American employee. Anything ever done?


I could go on and on about the unfair practices. I am anxiously awaiting the day I can run like *** away from this nightmare.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rural King Manager.

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I work in PA store and its the something here. Management doesn't know how to manage anything at all.

Racial comments have been made, nothing has been done. Even down to payroll I still haven't received my direct deposit. No appreciation to hard workers. Only the slackers who walk around n laugh all day get credit.

I will say our GM is a great guy overall n he handles everything the best way he can but (1) I don't think he knows everything that goes on in the store and (2)corporate has a lot of people in wrong places. #Wheatly n many more!

@Timothy H

And it seems there's a lack of training that goes on. Which needs to change BC the better staff u have the better it is to a customer. But no one seems to understand that.


Nobody is stopping you from running from your place of employment, other than yourself. All supervisors have their favorites.

Do you by any chance know what the requirements are to be named employee of the month where you work? You have no idea why the person you mentioned was picked, so you should probably chill out.


Seriously? You don't even know the half.

You sound like a *** that's in management bat RK. Maybe you need to shut your hole and step into this person's shoes.