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The Carbondale Illinois store is selling sick and dying baby rabbits and the manager refuses to acknowledge complaints from customers or provide proper care for the animals.

This is animal cruelty and the store should be prosecuted for allowing this to happen. What an awful place this is.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rural King Manager.

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I was at rural king in Henderson, Ky tonight & noticed the baby rabbits were trying to get water from an empty bottle. I asked an employee of he could get them sone & he told me very quick that he doesn't take care of them & doesn't know who does.

I decided to fill them myself in their restroom as I've done many times for the baby chicks & ducks. Another worker was coming down the isle by the rabbit cages & I asked her if she takes care of them. She told me no but said she might be able to help me. I told her that I only wanted to get them some water & she said "ok" and walked away.

I asked her if she was going to get them some & she "sure" but kept walking. I've bee. Through this before with the lazy carefree employees that dont water the animals they sell. She never gave them any water while I was there.

I only shop there for chicken feed & food for wildlife but I hate going in that place! Why don't they just stop selling live animals?

They can't make much profit considering how many die. It's just cruel & sickening!