The Rural King in Gallipolis Ohio is a good store.......BUT, if this place is gonna sell guns, then they need to learn the friggen gun laws. I filled out all of the paperwork and was ready to purchase a shotgun at a good price, when the manager says he can't sell it to me because I'm out of state.

I live in West Virginia, and it's perfectly legal to buy a long gun in Ohio. Since the shotgun had a pistol grip, he said it was a pistol. ***. 18 inch barrel, overall length of 26" is NOT a pistol, it is a freakin shotgun, with a pistol grip.

I showed him the law and have extensive firearms experience, still would not sell it. Went to the next gun shop a few miles down the road IN OHIO and bought the exact same shotgun, no problems. They laughed when I told them about Rural King.

I will not go back. If you sell guns, KNOW THE LAWS!

Store Location: Cameron, West Virginia

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Actually it is considered a pistol because there is no way of putting it on your shoulder .


Actually Rural King was in the right. You and the other gun shop are wrong and have broken the law.

Since the shotgun is pistol grip only, while not actually considered a "handgun", it can only be sold to someone who is 21 years of age and a resident of the state where the firearm was purchased. Mossberg even puts a notice on the box alerting the FFL dealer of this very thing.

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