purchased electric winch and was to get $40.00 rebate coupon it says to submit rebate online but cant paper gave at store the contents of envelope is to be sent but the dont give any address to send reciept or papers think they dont want anybody to apply for rebate. john jsuanne@frontier.com would like to know how you expect person to sent on rebate if you dont give address or place to email this is rural king in niles mich.store # 35 2707 s.

11th st niles mich. will bring back winch if the cant help me

Product or Service Mentioned: Rural King Rebate.

Monetary Loss: $40.

Store Location: Elkhart, Indiana

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I got my rebate card and went to use it and it has no money on it. Suppose to be 36.00??


Read the fine print it is an in-store rebate. Use the rebate to buy more Rural King products. That is how you get your rebate.


Usually its the *** customer that doesnt know what the *** they are doing


#1 you don't have a 12% rebate on your web,and number 2 the date is wrong,and this is a store wide rebate.8/30/13 and I have sent 2 other rebates never got ***.plus a battery rerate for 5.00 never heard anything on that either.i don't expect anything on this one,*** POOR TAKE YOUR REBATES IN THE STORE. S MCELFRESH,FORISTELL MO.


I also was deceived by this "rebate" ***. I hate to warn you people, but I got mine, and it's a card.

The store said it's like a gift card. I asked what are the rules~they said none. I asked if I could bring it in for the money-they said no. I said That's a rule-what else?

She asked if I wanted to talk to a manager-I waited, & waited then hung up.How long is this good for?

What is it good for & not? What's the next thing you'll pull?


Thank Goodness the rebate "process" worked..so far...but as a senior, we are not happy at having to go online to do business instead of getting the 15% on the FIRST THURSDAY right ON THE SPOT. TO us, this is like a *** game to frustrate and to keep customers pissed for 6-8 weeks. SO we will not do any more business for 6-8 weeks- until we have rebate in hand!


I also had a problem with entering some of the required information online. I sent an email and told them I was not happy.

The next day I received an email suggesting I call them, which I did.

My problem was handled in a courteous and professional manner and after giving my required information I was told to expect my rebate in 6-8 weeks. I'm happy.


Hello John,

You can submit the rebate online at rebate.ruralking.com or www.ruralking.com/rebate. If you have any additional issues or questions, please contact us at rebates@ruralking.com or by phone at 217-235-7102 EXT 504.

Thank You


I have always received my rebates be it large or small. Some have taken longer than expected but they still came.

Menards has much the same system and a friend of mine is missing a very large one he submitted for building supplies. Many are not submitted.

I believe in some cases they are stolen by people who processes them. However, my experience with both stores has been good with Rural King being the easiest to deal with.

All you have to do is submit your rebate card to a cashier on your next purchase and you will be given credit for that amount of money off of your bill.

No questions and it never fails. The card does not have a time reduction nor an expiration date so you don't have to run to the store and it can be used whenever you wish.

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