Franklin, Tennessee
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I took my wife with me to the Clarksville store and regret it. While inside, we both had to use the facilities.

I have never, I repeat never been treated with more disdane in any retail setting, when notifying management of restroom problems. It was as though I took precious time from their day. The mens restroom smelled like a sewer, and was unsanitary. The exhaust fan doesn't work, urinals stink, toilets have *** dried to the seat bottom, etc.

!!! The women's was just as bad, according my wife. I looked for a sign in sheet for cleaning, and found none. In addition, the overall appearance of the retail floor was dirty.

I observed pallets being moved with debris falling, and no one seemed to care. Only once, did an employee ask if they could assist me.

If I were managing the store, I would fire 85% of them. I actually went to a section where 3 were standing next to an isle joking, and tried to remove a bar-clamp from a rack that was stuck.

They all saw my problem, and walked away out of sight. This place could take a lesson from Home Depot. HD didn't care about cleanliness for a time, lost market share to Lowe's. It's all due to training, or lack there of.

If positive changes aren't made quickly, R K will become another casualty of management complacency.

And, it will deserve it.

Mr Builder

Product or Service Mentioned: Rural King Sanitary Conditions.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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as a employee of rural king I will say that most of the rural king's have the same problem , thankfully the new Philadelphia ohio # 68 store gets a very good supply of sales flyers because they always run out of paper towels and especially toilet paper and generally we have to use them ( take a hint as to what for ) the corporate and store management should take the blame but they wont they just pass the blame on down to the cheap labor !!! well anyway if you want to contact the owner alex Melvin here is his e-mail and the customer service number is 1-800-561-1752 if you want tell them but don't expect anything to change though !!!!!


the 1-800-561-1752 number is for the website here is the number for the corporate office 1-800-860-8115

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