The raises came out today. Oh yay!

2% ! Thats right Rural King screw the people that work and I do mean WORK for you and make your store what it is. And give the money to your big executives and managers. You suck.

And to top it all off (thinking the employees are really ***) they've decided to take away the monthly safety bonus (at least 6 people got 50 bucks each month) and put in place a YEARLY loss program. If you go under your estimated theft loss each employee gets 300 bucks... BUAAAAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA..Yea like thats going to happen.

So there you go Rural King Flunkies. Bend over because the screw is coming your way!

Store Location: Jeffersonville, Indiana

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Our store manager is the biggest liar, snake, and worthless piece of S#*t I have ever worked for. The total unfairness, rude comments and total disrepect given from this *** is overwhelming :(.

He has one set of rules for some people and another set for others if your wrong you need to be repermanded thats fine but, two people can do the same thing one will get a coaching, while the other one gets nothing done to them. It's really starting to feel like a hostile work enviroment those of us that tell him he's wrong about how he said he told us to do something and have the proof in front of him are being treated very poorly. Many of us walk around very uncomfortable and unable to take care of customers, afraid we might spend too much time with them, tell the customer something wrong, not stock shelves fast enough, use the restroom when not on breaktime or lunch you get the point. No one in management here can be trusted many of us are afraid to call corporate human resources because we can't afford to loose our jobs :upset many of us co-workers have quit talking when working on projects, afraid to say the wrong thing, laugh too loud and have a good attitude towards customers.

The target on some of our back (that our manager has put there) anything we do we fear of the ammunition that he's trying to get on us so we would get fired. No one wants to work in a place as uncomfortable as this Rural King but with jobs scarace we have no options I guess.


amen is all im gnn :x a say


i am Sick of being treated like ***. And no I'm not some kid that has has everything handed to them.

I grew up in a foster home and did not have a good life previous to that home! NOTHING HAS EVER BEEN GIVEN TO ME! But it does make me upset when I see everything they want us to do with little to no man help, or managers that write you up because they don't like you, or have you lift way above your weight limit, but then see corporate fly in a helicopter for 30miles!!!!!!

Really you couldn't drive that! Or see them go to all their vacation homes and *** in the rest of us!


The Circleville store has some of the worst management Ive ever seen! Ruth Ryan and Matt were some of the biggest lying snobs Ive ever met!


why liecnt people jst grow up and do their job.im sure if u could do aby better ruth might let u


Quit yer whinin' you spoiled brat.

My guess is you are age 25 or less, had everything handed to you and expect the world to fall at your feet with a six-figure income.

You are probably part of the generation that is rude, thoughtless and uneducated -- yet you blame everyone else for your failures. (But they gave you all trophies at T-Ball, didn't they? Hooray! Everyone's a winner!)

Work hard, educate yourself and understand that RK is in business to make money, not make you rich. You are an employee, and you are paid to do a job that has a defined value.

BTW: Do you think your "big executives and managers" can't spot worthless complaining losers like you a mile away? Guess again.

Do your job, do it well without complaining and get on with your life!


hahahahahaha yes this is a joke we have had several thefts that were caught by employees and they have recieved nothing for it.... also you might want to be a brown noser to get what you want that seems to work for the employees who do nothing at the hamilton store!!!!!


You got a bigger raise that what most people are getting. Most have their wages frozen with the economy as it is.



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