I live in Peru Ill and shop at rural king twice a week not any more. Went the one day to get my 200 dollars worth of feed and decide to shop little bit and saw auto tinting welding helmets for 29.91 so I grab on and long story short got to counter and it rang up like 160 and then the argument began. Needless to say my feed and everything my mother bought didn't leave that store and told manger that he lost a good customer that's the third time they have treated me like *** done with rural king

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: Metamora, Illinois

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I going to agree with the customer who attempted to buy the welding hood I can see this happening a lot of items don't have price labels and most of the pricing is done by the upc code on the package and I don't know of any rural king stores that has any price scanners in the departments so with that being said some one could of switched hoods or put one in the wrong spot


Lol. Anyone that sees an welding hood go from $160.00 to a spot marked $29.00 migh want to question it before it being rang up.

I am an very satisfied customer and don't have their mom buy the feed. I've been doing business with rural king for around 30 years.

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