Huntertown, Indiana

I was shopping with my kids at the Rural King in Decatur, Indiana with my family as I do every thursday afternoon, and I had to use the restroom. I was walking back to the rear portion of the building to the bathroom, and I saw a brunette zipping up her pants, and a older gentleman leaving the MEN's bathroom, and she looked "exhausted".

After i was done in the bathroom i proceeded to head up to the service desk to report this to a manager, and it was the brunette who left the restroom with the guy! I found a manager, and said what happened. He didnt do anything about!

***, He acted like I was lying my butt off! I for one will NEVER shop here again, and after reading comment on this site about this same store, it seems that this place is a piece of *** anyways.

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LOL toilet sex in the bathroom huh?

Sound like their getting some service. Wonder why the manager was in denial about it? He could be in KAHOOTS with them.

Now exactly what happened here there's some details that your missing. Was the brunnete and the older man BOTH leaving the men's bathroom? Did you hear any strange noises?

Theres a number of reasons for exhaustion. PMS. Unless you've seen both of them leaving the same bathroom or in the same aera then it could have been something else.

But zipping up your pants in public is preeetty strange. Normally people check themselves before they leave the bathroom. Perhaps she is giving out free 'RAISES'!


Thats what I call great customer service !! :p


Maybe the guy had just got done peeing and didnt wash his hands before walking out as a usual guy does. The woman could have just ate chinese food or was on her time of the month which both are exhausting.

Unless you seen them in the act there is no need to cause a drama fest like you did! Get a life.


I really do not know what ou think the manager could do about this situation. Putting up signs in the bathrooms saying 'NO SEX ALLOWED"? Believe me if caught in time, they would have called the police for inapprocriate behavior


Are you kiding me, she had her kids with her!!! You want to see that kind of *** go rent a movie...this is a public place and some things are STILL inappropriate. They should rent a room...


get over it! Just becousyouu can't get it.


Aw shucks, that is your call> Golly that is something to be upset about!!!!! Not!!!!!!! :p :p :p :p :p :p

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