Saint Louis, Missouri
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On April 26th, I purchased 4 packages of hosta bulbs form the Rural King, Wentzville store. The bulbs were on special price markdown from $6.99 to $4.89.

At home when I opened the packaging I found the material suspiciously dry, but since I'd never planted hostas before I wasn't sure what to expect, so I planted them following the directions. I watered regularly, watched a waited but even after 6 weeks nothing ever grew or even sprouted. I gathered up my receipt and the packaging that I had saved for a reference resource and took it back on my regular monthly visit to the store. On June 16th ,I returned to the RK and requested a refund.

The "Returns" cashier denied me saying had to "bring the plant in" I explained to her there was no plant just a little root-ball thing that had likely already desinigrated into the soil. She insulted me basically saying that I was a lair "for all she knew the plants were growing my yard". I asked to see the manager, Chris Dalbey. I showed him the receipt, told him the date (April 26th ) I bought them and I stated my case.

He too insisted that I bring in the plant material, that they "couldn't just take my word". I let him know how foolish I thought he was demanding that I dig up and search for something that's probably not even there but that I would bring in the bag of dirt if that's what he required. I tried to reason with him saying, "if I were dishonest I could bring in any piece of dead plant material… that if he were to refund my purchase (either at that time or the following day) at some point he'd be taking my word for it." I let him know he was going to lose my business but he could care less! The following day I not only dug up the plantings, I also took pictures of me digging them up!

They'd implied I was a liar, photos would add proof. As I had suspected two of the bulbs had completely decomposed, however fragments of two still held together. I took all the items, the 2 root-bulb pieces, the packaging, and the receipt, and went back to the RK, June 17th.

After all that, Chris Dalbey, dishonored his word and refused my refund, saying this time he wouldn't refund because the purchase was past 30 days. Chris Dalbey is a unscrupulous dishonorable man and Rural King should be ashamed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rural King Manager.

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Not all the stores have managers that are so up tight about the return policy. Ive worked in numerous Rural King stores (not wentzville) and have always preached to just take care of the customer.

I can't believe they just didnt return your money or at least give you a gift card. Hopefully you got in contact with their regional manager.