Rochester, New York

Went to new Rural King in Jeffersonville, In..Very busy. Bought a swing pad..Shelf price under item was $16,99.

Rang up as 24.99. Stood in line forever. Finally a girl went and got the tag..16.99..but numbers didn`t match. By that time I just wanted to get out of there..the place was a zoo.

I feel they should have given me the store..shouldn`t have wrong items and prices matched on shelves. Doubt I go back.

Can`t get an email to theM. Maybe there is a reason for that!!

Monetary Loss: $8.

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Shamokin, Pennsylvania, United States #322281

Did you ever stop to think, it being a new store and a zoo as you called it that another customer might have placed that swing pad in the wrong place?



My name is Jeremy Miller and I work for Rural King. If you could, please email me at jmiller at and I will do everything that I can to resolve this issue.

Thank You,

Jeremy Miller

to Jeremy #614047

:cry haha.dont be blamim :? g my was new at the time.. get a grip and come back

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