Lakewood, Colorado
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Rural king shipped me an EZUP shade tent that was battered and broken. I called them and they said I needed to call EZUP for the replacement.

So I called ezup they told me they'd send a new one and I could throw the broken one away/use it for parts. Well they took forever and never shipped it so I said I was finished dealing with waiting for it to ship and I'd like a refund. EZUP said since Rural King took the money, they'd need to be the ones to refund it. Well I called RK again and they took no responsibility for the broken tent and said since I threw it away it was my fault.

They also tried to tell me I hadn't called in and spoken to one of their agents because they wouldn't have told me to call EZUP.

Instead they went over what they would have done, had I really called in, and said it was out of their hands. Rural King is full of liars and money takers and ships only poor quality products.

Monetary Loss: $95.

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This happened to me a while ago, but for a different product. Solution: don't buy from Rural King in Mattoon, IL. The customer isn't their first concern, the customer's money is!

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