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we purchased abattery less than 6months ago-drive car only to work-and it started not turning over so we took it to utozone whosaid it was like ll the rest of their batterys junk.we returned it to rual king who basically said sorry bout ur luck butwe'll give u a discount on a new one...say huh?i don't evn think so whatever happened to standing behind products.now icant start the ob i just got because i have no way there but my purchase of r.k. junk paid the presidents dinner bill hope they choke on their batterys

Monetary Loss: $70.

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Spring Hill, Florida, United States #1302146

First off all there's Batteries have a 1 yr.Free replacement.

So don't know how or why your notching.2nd Its beyond no bodies control as to how long anything lasts. 3rd you bought a discount battery at a discount store.

Nobody drug you in there to buy their battery.Enough said


Their batteries are complete GARBAGE.I've had 4 of their "5 year" batteries go bad at anywhere from 18 to 24 months.

You take it back and they prorate what warranty is left. So to end up with say $30 towards another $70 battery.

I'm done with them.There is a reason why there is a cart full by the service desk at all times.


I've had the same problem for years now with the junk exide rural king batteries.Do not purchase unless you enjoy throwing money away.

It's bad when even the manager knows they sell nothing but junk batteries.

We tested over 30 batteries on the shelf and they ALL failed with the exception of 1 which was smaller then what I had previously purchased, it lasted 9 months from the delivery date stamped on the side!Buyer beware!!!

East Brunswick, New Jersey, United States #1205850

your battery had a 3 year warranty why did they not honor it


there is a 12 month free replacement on there batteries I but one 9 month ago and it failed returned to store walked out with a new one


I had the same problem but they replcaced it free of charge. They are one year free replacement


-They usually last longer than their warranty-I have three that are 7 years old-Still staying charged-Will buy again.

Galion, Ohio, United States #993919

I have had problems with Rural King batteries and had trouble with both!! I'm done buying them there!

Davenport, Florida, United States #905352

Bought batteries from rural king for years....never a problem!!


I've purchased several car batteries from rural king.Had to return one the same day.

The other exploded in my face. It was under filled and its a sealed battery. I'm taking it back and leaving it in front of the store with buyer beware on it. They sell factory seconds.

That's how they sell them at a discount.

Walmart doesn't even do that.Rural king is no longer getting my bussiness.

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