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we went to the rural king in owensboro ky. they had camoflauge scent-a-way under garments 7o% off.

the original price was 69.99. the sale price tag said 25.00. That is not right. It took FOUR of YOUR workers to finally get a caculator to prove that they were suppose to be 17.99.

You are either ripping people off or you have some pretty dumb people who work for you!!!!

I thought it was pretty sad that it took that many people to finally figure out what the price should be. So anyone who reads this do the math before you buy anything from rural king!!!

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Been to rural king two times and each time items do not ring up right. Cashier states oh well that's what it rung up.

So I had to get someone to verify the correct price.

Then had to do a refund. Please watch your receipt.


What you do is take $69.99 multiply by .3 and you get 20.997 round it up to $21.00 that is 70% off.100 minus 70 is 30 that is where you get the .3 very easy math.


Hey Jake! You're a dumb *** too! Thats not how you figure percentages!


Actually you shouldnt say anything about the others, all you need to do is multiply 69.99 by 30% to get the price. @70% off 30% is what you pay DAH


And if it was 70% off of the $25.00 price take $25.00 and mutiply that by 70% and you get $17.50 which then is subtracted from the $25.00 and you would have a price of $7.50! So either were all wrong!


Actually 70% off of that should have been $21.00.Take 69.99 and multiply by 70% and then subtract the $48.99 from 69.99 and you get $21.00...sounds like all of you need a refresher course in math! Hahahahaha!!!