I have shopped at the Paris, IL and Terre Haute Rural Kings stores since 1985. We own about 500 acres of farmland around Clinton,IN.

Since the beginning of March 2014 both of these stores are dumps. They are messy and the store managers are unavailable to customers. My farm operation spends between 15 and 20 thousand dollars per year between these two stores. The Paris,IL Rural King is a huge dump like it was 8 years(2007) ago when I talked to Kermit in the store, and he said there would be a management change soon.

At least Kermit made a change and finally they had an accessible store manager who cared about customers and had farm knowledge. Bob( and very close business associate of Gary Melvin) and I agree on these two stores..........The Terre Haute and the Paris store need help.........I don't what happened to the former store manager at Paris. I asked a current employee, Lundie, and she stated he is working over at Terre Haute....Bob and I traveled over to Terre Haute and asked for the store manager, and this overweight slow moving woman, Berta, stated she was the new store manager. We asked a few farm supply questions and product questions, and she was clueless......We stated we wanted to talk to old Paris, IL store manager, but she was dismissive and rude to us........We will be visiting Kermit and make a point to talk to Bruce, and Gary Melvin while we are out of town soon.

We have also started an online petition with over 500 large and small farmers unhappy with the store managers at these two stores. My wife, has called each one of them, and asked what they spent at Rural King in 2013. Each average individual farm is spending between 12,000 to 20,000 per year...I will allow the CEO of Rural King to do the math on that..................Good news for us Farm and Fleet will coming to this area in October 2016, and they are hiring former Rural King store managers, so we will take our pocket books and cash to them.......It is so sad.......This was a great company from the 1970 to 2007....but the last 7 or 8 years, and especially the three years, the store managers are a joke.....Bob and I have been visiting the stores and talking with customers, and they stated the store managers are former Walmart asst.

managers or store managers............Rural King is not Walmart....Plain and simple.......I have visited 42 stores so far, and with the exception of the Charleston and Mattoon stores.....the store managers have poor conditions in their stores and zero knowledge of the small, large, or gentlemen's farmer's needs.........

Store Location: Middletown, New York

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I Agree with - Rural King Sucks.....for Service


Maybe you sir should not judge all Rural Kings by one or two. Maybe if you sir didn't think the world revolved around you, you might be able to see the forest for the trees.

We have a great Rural King and a great new manager.

So keep your negative opinions to yourself.

Try finding the good instead of the bad Really


You can get a petition with 10,000 names on it and they WILL NOT do anything about Roberta White at the TH store. She is personal friends with Fred Wesson.

She has been with RK for less than 3 years and this is her third store manger gig. She knows her job is secure.


Hire store managers with farm retail experience......Now I know why the Paris,Terre Haute,and Effingham stores are a joke......My wife added it up for us....We spent 5943.00 in 2013 at Rural King, but in 2014 we only spent 307.00, and 3004.00 at Tractor Supply............Eventually the Melvins will see the money they are losing.....So sad


I signed the petition also, and I agree once we get Greg Sullivan completely onboard, he will be part of the 100 plus farmers that show up at their home office, and complain about the Paris,IL store..........Get Raymond back, I don't like driving all the way to Terre Haute Rural King to get a managers with some Farm knowledge....


I was one of the Edgar County farmers to sign this petition........They are losing our 9000.00 per year farm budget.I know we will get Sullivan farms onboard, because they are extremely unhappy since December 2013.....after that everything that Kermit built in Paris will disappear....Hit them in the pocket book....

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