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I would like to know whose brilliant? idea it was to change the Jasper Store.

I used to love going in the store, Now I hate it. I am a women and buy mostly things for my animals and that stuff is the farest from the door. I have to cart all of those heavy bags and things all a cross the store to get to the checkout. Also they quit handling Levi Jeans for women.

Do not like wrangler jeans!

Apparently you do not care much about your employees either, as they now have to drag all of the heavy dog, cat and horse feed from one end of the store to the other end. The heavy stuff should be by the receiving docks, not at the opposite end. I have worked in large stores and this is the worst plan I have seen.

Most people I have talked to would rather drive to the tractor supply in Evansville, rather go here since it has changed.

I used to shop there alot , know a lot of the employees by first names. Usually was in there at least three times a week, sometimes more.

But not any more! Hope you wake up soon before you lose at lot of business.

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Always gotta be someone complain because something was moved. Must be a old person not wanting change.

Maybe the exercise will do some overweight people good.