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Hello I went into my local store in Washington pa and a manager named Sara was being extremely rude and acting very unprofessional when I a went in to exchange a toy that my 4yr son got from Christmas... and the toy cost 49.98$ and all they wanted to do was give me 24.98$ cause they told me I didn’t have a receipt but my son doesn’t understand why he can’t get the same toy cause they want to charge me full price for a toy that they only want to give me half the price of it back to me...

Now when I receive a call back I would like the store manager Sara to tell my son why he can’t have the same toy and break his heart not me.

Now I don’t know how you are aloud to give someone back less money for something when the tag on box clearly says how much the toy was and only give them half there money back and keep the other half. If you could please email me back or call me at 412738**** I would really appreciate it thank you my name is mark Sutherin

Product or Service Mentioned: Rural King Manager.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Dude, it is a ghastly error to publish your personal info on an open internet website forum ! The store in question is the LAST one who will ever read this post but thousands of others including the worst of internet pathogens will read it and are now intimately familiar with you.

Is that your intention ?

I doubt it. You have a 4 year old that you must protect and putting yourselves into a public forum over $20 is insane.


Hey Anonymous the man is telling all USA what is wrong with this country and Rural King which hire employee with no good manners and you call him Dude,do you have a mirror ? look to see you and you are going to see a BIG DUDE.The intention of this good man is to remedy the situation/ My intention is to teach you that this store display a communist style all over the communist countries they had the same rude managers,salespeople customers trushed why do you want the same style in all the USA/Rural King is deeeeep forest rural we have to civilize them/over//


Obviously you don’t read very well. The poster CLEARLY STATED that they were trying to do a return on a CHRISTMAS PRESENT!!!

This means NO RECEIPT!! No receipt means no return. If they do give you a return it will be for the LOWEST PRICE IT SOLD FOR!!! Without proof they do not know if that lady is just using her innocent child to help her scam them for free money.

How is that so hard to understand? It’s not communist! It’s called protecting their business!! Let me guess, you’re one of those people that thinks that no matter what someone should be able to return anything for any reason with zero proof.

Typical “rural” thinking. Thankfully mommy dearest has shown us that she is scamming. She knows her kid broke the toy and is expecting the business to replace it for free with zero proof that she actually purchased it at all. Maybe YOU like to support thieves and scammers but they don’t.

Hey bubba, next time someone comes into rob you, you should just let them. If you defend or protect yourself some other mouthbreather like you is going to claim your a communist. See how dumb that sounds. That’s what you’re saying.

That the business should just allow people to walk out without paying and swallow every hard luck story they are presented with. What I wonder is WHY you would automatically believe and support someone who is clearly scamming them.


Actually Durpa….clearly you don't read very well yourself!!! The original comment is not a scam return!!

And it's not Mommy...it's Daddy trying to an even exchange for the same toy!!!

As far as rural thinking goes....explain how I live on a farm but I am a Corporate Executive in the city?? That comment also shows how closed minded you are about where someone lives compares to their intelligence!

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