I joined Rual King not too long ago and bust my *** every day only to find myself getting more disgruntled every day. The level of unprofessionalism is astounding.

There is almost zero training. It's pretty much sink or swim. You are hired for one department but run freight for all departments. Constant short handedness and yet they still wanna cut hours!

There is constant chatter over the walkie talkies and the level of negativity in the store is ridiculous. You work like a dog and don't get paid squat! I have ALOT of experience in retail and run circles around some of these employees here. There a maybe 2-3 managers that bust their *** at work while the rest waste time talking or standing around.

The store is always miserably hot and uncomfortable. Unless you are desperate for employment, keep looking.

I am too over qualified for this type of childishness and obvious fiasco!

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It's the same at the one I work at also. You'd think the higher ups would notice the only consistency in this company is how poorly it's being run!


It's the same at the RK where I work except ALL of the managers are old, hateful b!itches that just bark out orders and keep the drama going.

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