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I'm not sure if corporate is aware of this or not but your store in Cambridge, Ohio is taking customers hats from Tractor Supply and exchanging them for Rual King hats. This is a very immature and unprofessional action.

They have an entire wall in their break room of Tractor Supply hats. This needs to be addressed. If the corporation knows about this and will not do anything to fix I will no longer shop there. I was planning on purchasing an $800 gun.

Until one of the managers offered to give another fellow customer a Rual King hat if she could have his Tractor Supply hat. This is very immature and needs shut down.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: Indiana, Pennsylvania

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Don’t get so offended loser. This happens all the time in business.

Pharmacies will give away perks if you bring a competitor’s prescription bottle in and have it filled. Wireless companies will pay off your contract if you switch carriers at times.

About ten years ago Comcast gave great deals if you gave them your satellite dish. No big deal for something as insignificant as a hat.


I would get if it was a friendly competition but its not, its unprofessional.

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