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He was a jerk to another customer while all of us watched on a busy Sat afternoon. Then he turned to a worker and proceeded to holler at her, driving her to tears.

Wow, how embarassing even for us customers. I witnessed someone lay their items down on the table by the register and just walk out. We used to frequent this store for our livestock needs, but the competition isn't that far down the road and they are matching prices, so heck, I guess we'll go there. At least the manager is friendly and pleasant to talk to there.

Its kind of sad that this sort of behaviour goes on anywhere, but in a store full of people, and up front where he seemed to be standing guard, is just rude and unacceptable period. I cant imagine how the employees must feel working for a tyrant like him. Sad to see another good store in Springfield go down the tubes because of people. I talked to another farmer friend of mine about the incident, he nodded and stated he had witnessed this store manager tell a customer that they don't hold items even though these people had already paid $200 for the item but couldn't fit it in the car they had with them and they told them they'd be back with the truck.

They have changed their farm accounts to TSC also. All I can say is somebody better perk up their ears.

We farmers meet for coffee everyday, we talk, the word on the street is not so positive for rural king Springfield anymore. It used to be the store of choice.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rural King Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Store Location: 1476 Upper Valley Pike, Springfield, OH 45504, USA

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I have witnessed the same thing. He's really *** at the front of the store scowling at customers like he sees into our soul. Hateful and ***

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