Gig Harbor, Washington
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I have shopped at Rural King since they opened the Wentzville MO facility and have always been happy until recently. They have an assistant manager that should be pushing shopping carts, he is rude, doesn't know what he's talking about and certainly not manger quality.

However there is a very nice young lady at the service desk who is very helpful and concerned, she solved a check problem without any trouble. Asst. Manger accused me of printing a check to attempt to pass it, when in reality it was a good bank temporary check that cleared thru their Tel a check system without any problems, once the lady at service desk did her job. Rude young manger needs ALOT of retraining!

I emailed Rural King Main Office of the issue and haven't heard a word from them.

Guess customer service is high on their list after all. There are a lot of better places to spend money, if they don't care why should I support them.

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Most stores DO NOT accept temporary checks you ***. If they do consider yourself lucky.

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