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In Terre Haute, Indiana, if you asked staff a question besides the management they absolutely have no clue were anything is located in the store. Friday 31, Oct.

2014 six employee's were asked about the location for a large raccoon cage. I will start with the first staff she had popcorn in her mouth trying to recalled were she seen it but went to get another staff. A man came and took me to building materials and said I could just build a cage. I told him I they come already built ready to go and he said we need to special ordered the cage.

I told him to get someone else. He said, he would get another department on it right away. A women came and she took me to the area were they had rat poison and she said.'that would get rid of those pesky little critters'. I said, no that would be cruel to animals.

She called on the intercom for customer assistance. They told me to go to the tool section there met a young guy who was completely lost. He asked another person who was passing but he didn't even work for Rural King.

I searched and then asked another staff member and he said they don't sell raccoon cages only bird cages. Well by now its time to go home and sit down and have a beer with the raccoon while asking myself how did I enter the Twilight Zone.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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