I'm attended the Rural King store in Decatur, Indiana, needless to say I was shocked at the staff working. Now, i've been to many Rural stores, but this was a first.

The store manager was dressed like she was 16 again! Her *** were almost popping out of her shirt, and she was being very flirty with several male customers. Seemed like a *** to me. I was appauled.

A few of the cashiers were dressed the same. While we were there we discovered that there might be something going on between a assistant manger and a cashier. He talked to her in a "flirty" voice, and they both took breaks at the same time. Kinda weird if you asked me.

My wife and I left after I asked one of the employees where the bungee cord were, and he had to ask another employee on the floor. He could have asked one of the managers on his walkie talkie. Before I left, I felt like I should check the bathrooms. The men's bathroom in the rear of the store was very dirty.

The bathroom in the front of the store was better, but still dirty. I had my wife check the women's bathrooms. Their was human *** on the toilet seat! I put everything back that I was going to buy, and left the store.

I don't know whats going on with that store, but something needs to happen. It was my favorite Rural King to go to. Now I have to drive 45 minutes to another store! I thinking about not going to Rural King anymore, and going to TSC or True Value.

Just one question, Is Rural King hiring *** from off the street? It seems that way.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rural King Manager.

Monetary Loss: $45.

Store Location: Rochester, New York

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And *** customers who come in to complain about *** ***




The letter writer is a complete *** in my opinion, and has WAY too much time on his hands.


all I wanted to know was if their lay-away program was any good or not since Kmart is going under (Another place with bad CS and lazy management) and good ol' Wally-world is particular about what goes in their lay-away...Like when you need a CSM and there's 8 of them loitering on the floor up front and no one responds to the noob cashier in crisis...

My two cent:

Any public establishment can only be as good as its management.

Be it a restaurant or retailer, Management is key. Management represents the company's interests, as well as the employees and consumers. You don't have to be a bear but you can't be everyone's friend either.

ie, Like *** employees, you have to say shape up or ship out, it is in the job description and not knowing your own store is just pathetic but Rural King isn't the only one that should be held to said standards. Half the places in Decatur aren't fit to shop at by the OP's standards.


wow, I hope the rural king in decatur has closed by now. If

you people quit shopping there they will close. Bad PR coming

from that store...unbelievable language, would be afraid to shop

there without a tasor :x


I agree that there are alot of things that need to be reviewed in every Rural King....and just so everyone knows...the owners are religious and so proper dress code is establisehed because religious men often spend sunday aftenoons shopping instead of in the field working, so yes that is an issue...because its embarrassing and untasteful/unprofessional...as far as management...they need to treat co-workers fairly...regardless of actions, attitudes or relationships...unless it conflicts with the work environment...although dating co-workers is frowned upon, yet allowed and often overlooked....but the employees need to know these things and be sure to be respectful and properly address co-workers and customers....there probably are people hired as secret shoppers....if not then they should definitely think about doing that...because there are plenty of ****** up things being allowed in these stores...i know this as I have shopped there for many, many years...


:eek Religious?? Surely you jest.

Were they religious half the disrespectful goings on would NOT be going on!

They might worship the dark underworld lord but its not any God I've ever heard of. :sigh


I just want to let you all know that until you have actually had the chance to work in that job, you shouldn't place any blame. First, half the customers we get are uneducated rednecks that think they know everything.

Second, whoever says the customer is always right, is wrong. Very rarely do customers actually prove an employee wrong. I strongly encourage anyone of you to work a week as a cashier and you would realize how hard it is to put up with the clientele that we have.

If you don't know what you are talking about, don't say anything. Simple as that.


Oh god. I'm amazed that people are ACTUALLY getting right about some of the *** that goes on in this store.

Management is why I left the store: they do play favorites (DOUG) and treat the employees that actually work like they're dogs. My advice: You don't wanna shop or work at this store.


The problem is.. 1.They dont have enough employees.

2.They aren't given enough hours for the few employees they have. 3.Training for the employees is minimal. 4.The people that are being hired need to have some sort of maturity to their minds. 5.The word Favorites should NEVER come into play.

Everyone should be treated right and fairly. 6. There should NOT be an Toleration for Disablers (those who disable the others with their bad habits or problems) 7.The Assistant managers need to realize they too are there to do a job. They can get their hands dirty too.

8.All employees should know their store.

Where things are and how much things are.

Its just a mess. :roll


Exactly, Thank you for saying this. This store that I am speaking of is run down, dirty as ***, cashiers dress like tramps, and the store manager dresses like she's 16 again. I was in the store just to see if they actually read these comments, and it sure as *** doesn't look like it.

And another thing that hasn't been said. Since when do they hire people with aliases? Richard Stone is NOT Richard Stone. Just saying. If the managers look at this website, Take that into consideration. The safety of the kids that go into that store are at risk. I actually know who that man is, and I will NOT release his name for his saftey. This will be my final post on this matter. Enjoy your local *** store rural king,

Jim Grannis.


If I'm not mistake the sites name is Pissed Consumer. If you don't like what these people say don't look at the site.

I've been in one of their stores and SOME of the employees are nice. Very few are knowledgeable and those that ARE, are too busy doing something else to be bothered with a customer. For the most part I do believe that they are poorly run. The Owners of these stores needs to breeze in or have someone they know breeze in and see how things really go when they aren't there.

Like a secret shopper. An observer.

Also the OWNERS should pay attention to what the EMPLOYEES have to say about situations. Do not take the management teams word as gold.


I came to this site to see if their heater worked, not to lisen to children. Every comment on this page is *** and childish.

And to the site manager: You state "stay to topic and personal attacks will be deleted" That's all there is here! But I guess if that's all the comments you can get you have no choice but to allow them.

I hope you take this site down because it helps noone. I am sure my comment will not even be printed but I will pray for all of you.


Well Carol why would you come to Pissed Consumer to see if your *** heater works. How messed up is that?

What you should have done was looked at all of the *** was written about this messed up company and taken the *** heater back, got your money and gone to Sears and bought one that worked!

Whats wrong with you people???? :roll


Hey, it makes perfect sense for Carol to come to this site to see if a heater works. After all, I come to this site for parenting advice, movie reviews and winning lottery numbers.


sam, Do you work there? I have called corp multiple times, and they said they're taking care of it.

I doubt they're doing anything!

Anyways, I was the store again to see how there taking the heat. I, yet again, saw more clevage then a brothel. I mean c'mon, theres a limit.

It's suppose to be a FAMILY home store! This store is *** ridiculous. That Asst manager Doug looks like he's been smoking pot for the past few years straight. Two words: DRUG TEST!!!

My neice worked there, late last year and she said she never got drug tested, and she was a avid marijuana user. She even went to work under the influence of pot. Her name is brooke.

Please Rural King, Do something smart for once and DRUG TEST YOUR WORKERS AT THE DECATUR, INDIANA STORE!!!! Not just Pot, Spice as well!


As a former cashier at Rural King in Decatur, I wish I would have had a chance to talk to Jim.G11. I bet you are the kind of guy that complains about something being wrong when in reality, you are to *** to realize it's your own fault.

Your statement about how scantily dressed my female co-workers were is completely false. I really wish you would have come through my line so I could have put you in your place. So why don't you take your pompous attitude to some other store.

Or better yet, why don't you go into the store and say all of these things to their faces? You are obviously a man of weak character and I would love to encounter you in the store.


People. Who cares about the employees sexual attitudes?

For christ sake from my experience the service has been reasonable and I dont care what the employees do just so long as they help me. This is not highschool, do your shopping and mind your own business, and if it bothers you that much (realy weird if it does) Actually email the company about it or shop somewhere else.


Who are you thewatcher? You probably work at that god forsaken place. My name is Jim Grannis, and I live in Geneva, Indiana. What's your name? Do you work at Rural King?

Honestly though, I attended the Decatur town meeting. The topic of stores and places in the city was brought up. You people wouldn't believe how many people want Rural King out of Decatur! There were about 50-125 people at the meeting. I wasn't the only one who opted Rural King out of town. Why have 2 farm stores when we have a TSC right down the road? Plus a Rural King in Van Wert?

I went into the Decatur store again, to get a pair of cheap jeans on 2-3-12. I wore them for about 4 hours or so, and they ripped within that time. I guess the jeans there can't handle the work I put up with every day. Just like everything else, They were imported!


thewatcher, You probably know me. My name is Jim Grannis.

I live in Geneva, Indiana. Who are you?

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