I am currently an employee of Rural King. I can not begin to describe how poor our management teams are at some of our stores.

That is from all the way at the top down to some assistant managers. If our president of the company, Alex Melvin, knew how his stores were being run he would be embarrassed. We have buyers, regionals, managers, and assistants that very vindictive towards any employees that are under them. Very poor management.

I have been to several stores now, roughly 13, and I hear the same stuff. I would advise Alex to stop worrying about the Ohio stores and worry about the stores that are being run into the ground. He need to come and spend time at the stores with ALL employees, not just managers, and ask them what is really going on. If the founders of our company knew how these stores were run they would be pissed.

All of the employees deserve a bigger piece of the pie. My store for example is number one in increase, ran our second million dollar month in a row, made the company over 10 million in sales, yet all they can do is nine dollars an hour and no bonuses like the management teams get, and I have seen those bonus checks..... Not that good. This company needs to show ALL employees that they care about them.

If it wasn't for our loaders, we would not have carts. If it was not for our cashiers, we would not have customer service or money. If it was not for our part time employees we would not have knowledge or help. If was not for our department managers, we would not have knowledge, we would not have clean, orderly departments.

If it was not for our office managers, we would not have correct payroll, we would not have correct deposits. If it was not for our receiving, we would not have correct inventory, we would not be able to correct mistakes, we would not have a continuous flow of product in. If it wasn't for management the store could not be open, the store could not be closed, issues that the store may have would not be resolved.

Alex, Fred, Gary, Greg, Rob, wake up and ask your employees how they feel. My best guess is the same way I feel.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rural King Customer Care.

Store Location: Chicago, Illinois

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Rural king employees are being robbed of the hours they've worked, on their pay checks. Hours missing every check.

Glad the company is making so much money stealing from its employees. They proescute thieves, but have become one.


This is exactly why I quit!! It's a trap.

I miss the people and the work but the pay was awful and the managment fights like cats and dogs. Sorry team but I'm out


Very well put and I agree if companies would treat their employees with the respect they deserve half of the companies wouldn't go thru several employees


Also, guys, make sure your prices on the shelves are the prices at the registers, please. There is a reaon I tried your store, I hate Wal-Mart and Lowes.

What happens 2nd time, a BB Gun is priced at just over $21 on the shelf rings up at $29.98 at the register. When I told the cashier she explained that the shelf price is the after 12% rebate price. Well if that's so, it should've read "$26.38 AFTER REBATE" instead of $21.68, right?

Next time this happens its BBB and a call to the state attorney general. Its not legal to advertise a price and have it ring up different at the register.

Its legal to try to pull this and sit back and laugh if customers don't notice.

When the ones like me notice it though, you have to give it to us at the advertised price. Next time I will insist guys.


don't do it! they will promise you the moon, and deliver ,well nothing.

its like you have to pass a liars test to be management. run go anywhere else!


every rural king in the world will fail because they don't see a problem. you cant fix what you don't acknowledge


you can talk until blue, they don't care! rural king has lost its way.

it was a great company to work for, store managers changed quicker than a teenage girls boyfriend! they became worse, never solved disputes, never talked to employees. some employees were off work that never got a chance to talk.

it is poorly managed and they break laws and never held responsible, its time for them to pay! DONCHA THINK?


The Rural King in Crystal River is awful. I was very excited when the Crystal River store opened as I would not have to drive to Spring Hill anymore.

However, the employees of this store are rude, incompetent, and all appear that they would rather be doing anything other than working at Rural King. I get it--hours are long and pay is low and I am sure morale is low as well, but this store needs a huge overhaul on customer service or else it won't survivE. There should never be an excuse to wait in line for 15 minutes to check out and have the cashier give you attitude and refuse to bag your items. Management at this store is utterly useless as well--when I complained to the service desk, I was told they were "too busy".

If things don't change, Rural King won't make it in this location. ,




Was just at rural king in Plano il today. Was looking to put a Sig Sauer on 90 day layaway, the way I've purchased a couple firearms.

I saw a sign on the counter that said "as of now the layaway is 60 days, no longer 90". When I asked the employee why, she said "someone at corporate looked around and saw that everyone else does a 60 day, so they decided to change it". Sorry Rural King, if you're shopping around, then I will too.

The 90 days thing drew me to you, you're new mentality has now driven me away. Goodbye.


I was very happy several weeks ago when RK opened a store in Crystal River and advised friends and neighbors to go there. Since they opened I have shopped there several times a week.

The Crystal River store is awful.

The service at this store is so bad that today, after waiting 20 minutes to return a $4 item, without luck, I left the item with the service desk and just walked out. They have no consideration for their customer's time.


As a crystal river store employee would like to apologize for you experience. I know it is frustrating and it seems our managers take to long.

Please understand they are sometimes handling several things at one time. They have to personally escort each firearm purchased in the store to the door, not to mention handling many many other things. Please consider giving our store another chance.

We Have a really great team here and would like a chance to prove it. Thank you for Your time.


Managment sucks its true. Managers who cant run a cash register. Customers waiting 20 mins for refunds because managers wanna take their sweet *** lazy time gettin up here?


I do not believe this at all Alex Melvin knows what he is doing he always has stuff for his stores for my double wide trailer on the east side of town


all im gnna say is amen to that.management is awful


Fred Wesson is the ex Wal-Mart big dog that runs Rural King. "If you are friends with Fred you get ahead."


*** Alex Melvin does not run Rural King he never did not like his dad did. Back then the stores was running right, but all the people who grew rural king was push or fire from rural king and they only bring in manager that use to work for Wal Mart and the Real Guy running the store Was a Wal Mart Big wig Back in the days I a hear :upset

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