Employees make no more than $10 and thats only management. Most only get $8.50-$9 an hour doing hard labor with limited staff.

We are treated like crap and the policies are ludicrous. If youre sick and bring in a note from a dr., you still get pointed. As someone with a compromised immune system, this is ridiculous. If you get up to 8/10 points, youre fired.

There isnt any forgiveness when it comes to it. I was given 2 points for using PTO that I EARNED. Rural King is a greedy, nasty, company. They lure you in with a star bonus if you meet the sales quote for the month, which is difficult to reach 1/2 the year.

Also, during this pandemic, were considered essential, there was no extra pay offered. The stores that met their sales quotes got their star bonus ($100 for full time & $50 for part time) doubled.

Most stores havent been reaching their goals due to it being slow season, so it was all a scam. Im just disappointed and hoped for better when I was hired onto the team.

Preferred solution: Apology.

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