Spring Hill, Florida
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You have to be kidding me?. We are new to this area, just purchased a home here, i send my wife to this Rural King location to pick up 2 simple things, electrical connectors and wall anchors, she asks for some help locating them at the counter, she walks around in there for 10 minutes awaiting help, no one comes to help, so she returns to the counter and again asks for help, and again no ones comes and meanwhile she is beginning to stew.

Another 10 minutes passes and finally a guys shows up as she is now upset for waiting so long and he treats her like it is her fault for being upset, then he sells her the wrong thing and knew it was wrong because i sent with her a sample to match it up to so to assure it is the same. Hes now laughing, haha, shame on my wife for being upset because this place sucks and can not assist their customers. WOW. I have been to Rural Kings throughout this country for yrs and never ever will step foot into this place as stated my wife either when she returned home with the wrong parts.

Thanks Joe with the red shirt about 30 yrs old that told my wife sarcastically *I heard your conversation* while her and i where speaking on the phone about your *** service there. I am calling Jeanette (Mang) now, we will see what else is wrong with this place, then onto Corp. >>*Well she was no help at all, she was extremely evasive and would not at all assist me with anything other then *I will look into it*. Wow, on to corp.

now, bet they won't care either.

Store location was Spring Hill Florida. on Commercial Way.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rural King Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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I agree, customer service there is HORRIBLE. I went to buy a camping lounge chair and there was only one on display.

After searching for someone to help and finding no one, I went to the customer service desk. They called who I think is the same guy you described. He went to look and said there were 6 in stock. He spent 10 minutes in the back room and came out and said they weren't back there.

I said okay, can you order them? He said no because they were in stock(lol). I said okay, so where are they? He said he had no clue, they must be scattered around the store.

So my husband I said okay, so lets look around, where would they be? The guy just walks away and we look for a while, couldn't find any. We see the guy again a few times while looking and he wasn't looking at all. Each time he see's us he quickly ignores us and tries to look busy doing something else.

We go back to customer service, tell them the deal and they radio the guy. He tells them he can't find any. So we say okay, here is our phone #.

They stick it on a piece of paper on the chair and we tell them to call us when they find the chairs. This was 6 months ago....No call.


You are wasting your time calling corporate. They won't do anything about it.


You sent your wife in to get this stuff? Shame on you for being so lazy .

. . but somehow you found the strength to write a negative review?!? Next time go get the items yourself and you will know they are the right items.

But if they aren't I'm sure you will find someone to blame other than yourself.