Cleveland, Ohio

even though I am still a associate at the new philadelphia oh rural king I must say that of all the jobs I have had over the past few years this company is the worst one I have worked for the management is awful there is no communication they run a muck & completely disorganized the company cant even pay their associates on time and the make all kinds of promises to get you to work for them but they don't full fill any of them and they work the loaders nearly to death like they are pack mules and they wont furnish proper safety equipment or proper lifts to use to lift heavy stuff on the sales floor the pay and benefits are awful the receiving area has no heat so in the winter months you almost freeze

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You have 1 run sentence that doesn't make sense. You act like you have a 3rd grade education, so this is probably the best job you can find. Otherwise, you would leave & find a better job.


Obviously you do not work for RK. You know what a run on sentence is. Cowards go under anonymous .


Lutz Florida? Stay there awhile and you will also understand what they are saying, unless you are in management as well.

I've never seen so many *** people in one build as I do when I walk into a Rural King. None of your people including management are trained properly .

Their people skills suck at best! And that is including management.


Im glad someone else agrees with me. I am a former employee and nobody understood what kind of business this company is.

I will never work for this company ever again.It took me 6 /2 yrs just to get full time and then another year to get one week paid vacation! Dont trust the corporate office.


Bottom line. This company is allllll about foreign trade.

They sell very little American made items.

All things are from outside of the USA. They are supporting all other countries besides the one they live in.