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I would not purchase a gun from Rural King. They sold me a rifle describing it as having RF85 treatment.

When I got home and discovered it did not have that treatment they refused to do a refund because in their words all sales are final. This was 20 hours after the sale of mis-represented merchandise. This after the store manger said we screwed up and should correct this, but district manager overruled. Corporate told me I should have done my own homework and not listened to what their salesmen say.

Nice training of your employees and nice customer service. My intent was to exchange it for a different rifle since they couldn't get the RF 85 treated rifles, but now I won't ever purchase or recommend anyone purchasing from them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rural King Manager.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $575.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Rural King Pros: Store manger, Salesman, Store manager.

Rural King Cons: This experience, Corporate customer service, Return policy on a rural king error, Corporate customer service rudeness.

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Yeah typically when you buy a firearm you should be aloud to hold it and check it out otherwise I would never buy it if I wasn't aloud to inspect it first. If they didn't allow you to inspect it before you walked out of the store with it and they are misrepresenting what they are trying to sell this is bad business practice they might be around now in the short run but they will lose in the long run with this business practice.

Once their is more competition and people begin to realize they can get the same product cheaper elsewhere with better customer service their sales margins will eventually suffer and they won't be in business long if they aren't proactive in correcting their customer service mistakes. You would be surprised the lengths that people are willing to go to in order to get a better deal or get better service elsewhere it will affect them and their not good at business management if they allow a misrepresentation of products to be advertised. In the issue of the firearm they should've not aloud you to leave the store without inspecting it and you signing off on the inspection that it is what you order. In defense of a business there is a liability issue in buying a firearm and then allowing it to be returned to the store for resale due to tamping or use of the product with a malfunction, also most likely even if you didn't shoot it, it would be classified as used and they would most likely not stand to gain enough of a profit margin and actually have a loss by accepting it back and then returning your money it sounds really bad but it is all about liability and profit.

There is only money in the gun business for antique collectors or shop owners, most guns now a days are like cars they're made to function better but the materials they are made with are cheaper therefore they depreciate in value more.

Gander mountain is one store that has a bad practice of attempting to give customers under fair market value for good and excellent condition firearms and then trying to turn around and expect customers to buy them for brand new prices. Hold onto your guns and ammo trust me you'll be glad you did someday.

Aaron L.

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